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25 Oct
Mastering Your Golden Years: The ART Of Managing Income Risk In Retirement



Prepare for a future that aligns with your retirement dreams. "Mastering Your Golden Years: The ART Of Managing Income Risk In Retirement" is a comprehensive seminar designed for those who aim to live their retirement life to the fullest, without worrying about financial pitfalls. The seminar will focus on not just ensuring you have an income but also on managing the risks that could disrupt it.

Why Attend?

Understanding the Landscape: Learn about the evolving economic conditions and policies that make retirement income more challenging to manage than ever.

Identify Income Risks: Go beyond just understanding your income streams like Social Security, pensions, and savings. Learn how to identify the risks that could impact them negatively.

The ART of Risk Management: Learn about strategies to avoid, retain, and transfer income risks. Understand why and how these tactics are crucial to maintaining your desired lifestyle during retirement.

Benefits of Risk Transfer: Dive into the advantages of transferring certain types of risks to financial institutions. Learn when this strategy is optimal and how it can add stability to your income plan.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is suitable for anyone concerned with protecting their retirement income, regardless of what stage of planning they're in. Whether you're just beginning to contemplate retirement or you're deep into your retirement years, the insights you'll gain here will empower you to manage income risks effectively.

This seminar is more than an educational experience; it's a roadmap for achieving financial security during a critical stage of your life. Don't miss this opportunity to arm yourself with knowledge and take control of your retirement income. Reserve your seat now to secure your financial future.

The opinions voiced in this presentation are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. To determine which strategies or investments may be suitable for you, consult the appropriate qualified professional prior to making a decision.

Date and Time

Wed, Oct 25, 2023

6:30p - 7:30p CST


Prejean's Restaurant Carencro

3480 NE Evangeline Thruway
Lafayette , LA 70507


Upon arrival, please let the hostess know you will be joining the Carrier Wealth Management party. To ensure a timely start, please arrive 15 minutes early.

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